Corporate Partnerships

Supporting the Log Cabin Charity is mutually beneficial

As a local charity we rely heavily on grants, donations and partnerships with local businesses to support the children and families. Being local, this means you can see the impact your donation is having immediately, and we welcome your staff to come and see the work we are doing. 

Whether you choose to donate time and get involved with some work around the site — from gardening to painting or choose to support with remote fundraising events at your office or payroll donations, your support is key to our success. 

The partnerships with have with local businesses play a vital role in supporting the children and families we support, but also has a positive impact on your staff morale. 

Why support The Log Cabin Charity?

We can help you create a bespoke partnership that both our charity and your business benefit from. Whether an in-house initiative or a staff day at the charity – we can help create an engaging and rewarding experience for your staff. 

For more information contact the fundraising team.

What we can offer your company

You will be supported by our team to ensure you achieve a successful partnership and a rewarding experience.

Our insight
We can provide innovative ideas to engage your staff about the charity.  


We will ensure your company’s efforts are shared across our platforms to the community.

Staff impact
As we are local, your staff with interact with ours and see the impact immediately. 

Volunteering Days
Need a day out of the office? Need to pick up staff moral? Want to create a purpose lead culture?

Allow us to create a staff volunteering day with us. There is always some work that needs doing around the site. From manual labour such as gardening or painting or other skills that your company can offer. Let us work together to create a bespoke event that does good.