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Our Facilities

Children are encouraged to explore and experiment at their own pace

No matter what they get up to, the emphasis is placed on their abilities. From indoors to outdoors there is lots of stimulation and encouragement for fun within the boundaries of what they feel comfortable with.

What makes us different?


We have several different rooms and spaces for all kinds of activity:

A large hall, divisible into two when appropriate, used for a multitude of activities such as those designed to develop fine and gross motor skills, social and creative skills

A soft play room where children can stretch and relax, improve gross motor skills, strengthen muscles, develop intellectual abilities and indulge in imaginative play

An interactive computer-controlled sensory room filled with lights, sounds, colour and images, in which children can create imaginative environments and stimulate their senses. It can be a calm and soothing place or an exciting and powerful environment.

A dedicated arts and crafts room

A quiet room for reading and quiet games

A multi-use games room

A calm room


We’ve got a very large area for the outdoor recreation:

Space for children to ride bikes and trikes and take part in sporting activities

Large accessible play structure and swings, slides, etc

Enclosed multi-use games area

Quiet green areas such as the sensory garden

A large sand pit, water play and fire pit






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We are SEN specialists, but our service is open to everyone. We believe in inclusivity to build resilient children. Most importantly, we believe all children should get the opportunity to play and have fun!